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Yuki Gomi

“I love sharing my passion for cookery, making it easy for you to enjoy Japanese cooking at home.“

Yuki Gomi is a Japanese chef, food writer and cookery teacher. Her mission is to educate and share just how simple, nourishing and delicious Japanese food can be.

Her first book Sushi at Home was published in 2013 by Penguin, and taught readers a more accessible way of making sushi. Through writing and Japanese cooking classes; Yuki wants to share the joy of Japanese cooking by fusing traditional and modern techniques to create accessible, healthy and exciting Japanese food.

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  • Superfood Recipes – Soba Noodles


    I love … LOVE soba noodles! This week, I want to show you two quick dishes making your autumn full of flavour and nutrition. These traditional Japanese noodles have been a family favourite for as long as I can remember and what we like to call a super food. My love of soba began with […]

  • Onigiri – Tasty, but why Triangular?


    “The Samurai’s Sandwich”   Visitors to Japan will no doubt have stumbled across one of the country’s many Konbini (convenience stores) and sampled some of the  snacks on offer. One of the staple choices is Onigiri, little parcels of rice, wrapped carefully in plastic. They come with hundreds of different shapes and flavours and are […]

  • Food for Thought – Entrepreneur’s Evening


    “A unique evening for entrepreneurs to share food and ideas around the table. “ I’m really pleased to be teaming up with my good friend Sarah, for this chance to meet other entrepreneurs, over a glass of wine, dinner and sushi making. Event Details Hosted by: Yuki Gomi, Founder of Yuki’s Kitchen (www.yukiskitchen.com) and Sarah […]

  • Gyoza Recipe – Step-by-Step in BBC Good Food


    “Yaki Gyoza, one of the three types of Gyoza I teach; are also know as ‘Pot Stickers’ they are deliciously moorish “ My Gyoza recipe features in May’s edition of BBC Good Food Magazine alongside a step-by-step guide to making them. Very helpful if you would like to know exactly how to make the cute little parcels […]

  • Japanese Cooking with Robert Elms – BBC Radio London


    “Robert Elms invited me in to the studio in April, to discuss the rising popularity of Japanese cooking and food in the UK. He clearly knows his fish!” It was a pleasure discussing some of the lesser known types of sushi. Great to hear that Unagi is one of his favourites, it is for me […]

  • Cooking with Mirin


    “Bring sweetness to your dishes using Mirin, it adds a distinctive high quality depth of flavour and a jewel-like glaze” Mirin is one of Japanese cooking’s core ingredients and a bottle is always close by in my kitchen. In the UK; it’s an ingredient that people are increasingly familiar with and it’s a regular sight […]

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Sushi At Home

“Sushi at Home is a beautifully designed cookbook that shows, for the first time, how easy it is to make sushi at home.”

Do you love buying sushi for lunch, enjoy eating at Japanese restaurants for dinner, but think sushi is too difficult to make at home?

Well, think again!



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