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Yuki Gomi

“I love sharing my passion for cookery, making it easy for you to enjoy Japanese cooking at home.“

Yuki Gomi is a Japanese chef, food writer and cookery teacher. Her mission is to educate and share just how simple, nourishing and delicious Japanese food can be.

Her first book Sushi at Home was published in 2013 by Penguin, and taught readers a more accessible way of making sushi. Through writing and Japanese cooking classes; Yuki wants to share the joy of Japanese cooking by fusing traditional and modern techniques to create accessible, healthy and exciting Japanese food.

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  • My homemade miso jars

    Umami Salt, Healthy Flavour


    Happy new year! It’s that time when we’re all trying to stick to our new year’s resolutions and get healthy or recover after over-indulgence during the holiday season… So today I’m sharing with you my favourite tool in healthy cooking: Umami. What is umami? The word ‘umami’ comes from the Japanese for ‘delicious’ or ‘yummy’ […]

  • My miso chicken recipe a perfect canape for Christmas

    Merry Matsukaze – Baked Miso Chicken Recipe


    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, everyone! In Japan, New Year’s (shogatsu) is the biggest celebration of the year and more of a family occasion than Christmas, which is much more low-key. Quite the opposite to how things work in most Western cultures! It is a time for people to gather with their families […]

  • Illuminum Yuki Perfume launch

    Yuki Perfume & Matcha Sakura Sushi


    I’ve been a little quiet for a few months, but I’m finally back and with some big news… I’m excited to tell you that there is a new addition to my family. I welcomed my baby, Hana-Zuki, into the world on May the 23rd. She’s beautiful, healthy and doing well. I was busy working up until 10 days […]

  • These are the ingredients for the japanese nabe hotpot

    Seafood Nabe – A Japanese Hot Pot


    Okay, so Spring is definitely well on its way now! However, today there is a cold wind blowing and there are still some frosty mornings. So here is a recipe to enjoy for dinner, a warming Japanese hot pot, Seafood Nabe. Nabe or Nabemono is cooked and served at the table. It is a clever way of eating, as […]

  • me on the bbc worls service discussing the quality of supermarket sushi

    BBC World Service – Supermarket Sushi


    “Freshly made sushi is not easy to find first thing on a Monday morning, as the fishmongers are closed. However, we managed it for a taste test at the BBC!” Reporting on the Japanese government’s decision to certify Washoku sushi chefs abroad, to keep quality high (more here: Freshly Made Sushi), I was asked in […]

  • freshly made sushi tastes so much better than soggy sushi

    Soggy Sushi or Freshly Made Sushi?


    Ever had stale, soggy sushi from the supermarket that has left you wanting the real thing? Sushi is now so readily available, wherever you find yourself, however the standards vary hugely. The Telegraph asked me for my thoughts and experiences when it comes to bad sushi outside of Japan. The original article is here: ‘No […]

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Sushi At Home

“Sushi at Home is a beautifully designed cookbook that shows, for the first time, how easy it is to make sushi at home.”

Do you love buying sushi for lunch, enjoy eating at Japanese restaurants for dinner, but think sushi is too difficult to make at home?

Well, think again!



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