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supermarket sushi at BBC radio

BBC World Service – Supermarket Sushi

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“Freshly made sushi is not easy to find first thing on a Monday morning, as the fishmongers are closed. However, we managed it for a taste test at the BBC!” Reporting on the Japanese government’s decision to certify Washoku sushi chefs abroad, to keep quality high (more here: Freshly Made Sushi), I was asked in […]

freshly made sushi tastes so much better than soggy sushi

Soggy Sushi or Freshly Made Sushi?

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Ever had stale, soggy sushi from the supermarket that has left you wanting the real thing? Sushi is now so readily available, wherever you find yourself, however the standards vary hugely. The Telegraph asked me for my thoughts and experiences when it comes to bad sushi outside of Japan. The original article is here: ‘No […]

sushi rolling with yuki

On Presenting Sushi – Countlan Magazine

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If you have mastered sushi rice and have perfected your rolling technique, you will no doubt be wondering how best to present and serve sushi to your guests. In Japan, we say that you also eat with your eyes, so presentation is as important as how a dish tastes. Arranging sushi is an enjoyable part […]