Make your own Udon recipe

Two Dishes with One Dough! – Fresh Homemade Gyoza & Udon

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When making Gyoza, I would normally suggest using pre-made skins that are readily available in many grocery shops now. However, once in a while it can be a real treat to make  homemade Gyoza skins from scratch. It is a very similar process to making fresh Pasta; fun in itself and very relaxing; why not […]


Te Mari Sushi – Sushi Lesson at Home

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Here is a wonderful dish for you to try at home in this sushi lesson video. Te Mari sushi is made simply by hand and is a great dish to kick-start your sushi skills. I show you how to prepare Te Mari and present it. You can use all sorts of fish depending on what you […]


Gyoza – Japanese Cookery Class at Home

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Happy New Year! Here is my new video, where I show you how to prepare simple Gyoza at home from my kitchen. I run a regular Japanese cookery class specialising in Gyoza if you are keen to become a pro. In this video I show you the simplest method for making them. In my class […]