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Make your own Udon recipe

Two Dishes with One Dough! – Fresh Homemade Gyoza & Udon

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When making Gyoza, I would normally suggest using pre-made skins that are readily available in many grocery shops now. However, once in a while it can be a real treat to make  homemade Gyoza skins from scratch. It is a very similar process to making fresh Pasta; fun in itself and very relaxing; why not […]

Photo of katsu don lesson

Street Style – Katsu Curry & Katsu Don from Scratch!

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Two really wonderful, hearty Autumn dishes for you and one I am sure many people will be familiar with. Katsu curry is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK and enjoyed for a weekday, lunchtime treat. In Japan it is often eaten before an exam or before sportsmen head to their next match; the reason? […]

Japanese cooking school dinners - An iimage of the monthly menu

Crave School Dinners? Japanese Cookery at School

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Do you miss school dinners? Recently I was explaining to a friend over coffee, how much I missed the day-to-day food I had at school; back  in Japan. My friend looked at me as though I was mad. I mean how can you crave a school dinner, something she, was so glad she no longer […]

Yuki & Kai at Harrods

Serious Knives? Kai Knives at Harrods

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Kai make beautiful steel knives that feel great in the hand and are a pleasure to use. I will be demonstrating knife skills and Japanese cookery at Harrods next week; using the Kai knives range. Pop along to see me, watch a demonstration and have a taste! The range of knives are genuinely stunning and […]

Japanese Peruvian Supper Club

Japanese Peruvian Dinner

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On the last night of September, I collaborated with my two passionate South American friends Antonia and Fabricio and a special Japanese Peruvian dinner took place at the School of Wok in central London. We prepared Japanese chicken dumplings for the starter, accompanied by a fiery salsa; closely followed by a ceviche temaki sushi, light […]

A picture of chicken mazukaze cooked by Yuki, from Yuki's kItchen

A Global Feast! Japanese Pop-up Dining

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Global Feast was timed to represent the cuisine of one country, every night, for the duration of the Olympics. Guess who was representing Japan? Collaborating with Architects – Atmos Studios and Kirsty of Ms. Marmite Lover fame, I produced a special menu for the night based on lesser known Japanese dishes. The dinner was based around […]

Kids Sushi Class

Sushi for Kids – A Children’s Party in Dulwich

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I am home now and enjoying a cup of fresh, green tea after a busy morning’s party in Dulwich. My students today were a group of young boys with a keen taste for good food. Some of my Japanese friends are often amazed that there is such a wide appetite for sushi amongst children here in the […]


Yuki’s First Japanese Supper Club

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Since my move here last September, I have been dreaming of running a supper club and last Thursday Alex and I finally opened the front door to 14 guests for the first one. Decorating had held us up, but the living room is the ideal location for pop-up dining; we were happy to see it brought to life […]

Yuki at Crystal Palace Festival

Cooking Sushi at Crystal Palace Festival

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I often walk through Westow Park on my way to teach cookery or buy ingredients at Crystal Palace triangle, but I was amazed to see it host the wonderful Overground festival on the 16th of June. The festival kicked off earlier in the week and I went along to a few of the bands that […]